Watson Dumbbells

Our Watson Dumbbells are known to be the best dumbbells on the market. They offer a thicker than normal handle making them harder to hold. This forces more muscle fiber recruitment. They will help you put on muscle faster while simultaneously increase your strength. Once you get use to our dumbbells and you go to use a regular handled dumbbell you will instantly realize your strength gains. The weights you previously used will feel much lighter. As always, Revival Fitness knows that every client is different and If you prefer regular grip handle dumbbells, we have you covered with both option available.


The benefits of training with thick handles are now well known. Watson decided to take things even further with handles that revolve on super smooth, twin roller bearings. When performing any type of rotational exercise (bicep curls for example) the revolving handles prevent the inertia forces of the dumbbell putting load on your wrists and elbows, the cause of many injuries. Watson dumbbells effectively ‘disconnect’ your joints from the rotational forces of the weight. This drastically reduces the chances of you getting injured. We raised the bar and had our own personalized logo Watson dumbbells shipped from the U.K. with your safety in mind.


The fact is most dumbbells don’t last very long in a busy gym. They either work their way loose and become wobbly, have chunks of rubber break off them or end up with handles that are bent. We know that dumbbells will be dropped and abused, but Watson dumbbells are designed to cope with aggressive use.

Watson dumbbells are indestructible

CNC machined form solid stainless steel rather than cast makes them many times stronger, perfectly accurate and far more compact than any other dumbbell available. Since our dumbbells are stainless there is no zinc, nickel or chrome finish to chip, flake or peel. These dumbbells handles are also a little more compact, meaning the weight is more centered over your hand and the dumbbells will not get in your way when performing certain movements with heavy weight.


Our dumbbells have been carefully selected with you in mind, increasing in weight in 2.5lb increments. Why did we choose this? The answer is simple. As clients become stronger the current weight being lifted can become too easy, therefore, to continue to build muscle the weight needs to be increased. If you have been lifting with 20 lb. dumbbells usually your next option would be a 10lb increase (5 lbs. on each side), but the pair of 25lb dumbbells might be too heavy still. This can force you to revert to the 20lb dumbbell you already surpassed slowing down your progress. That is not a sufficient option for our clients. At Revival Fitness, we decided to go with 2.5lb increments to avoid this problem, and increase weight gradually as needed.


Dumbbells are a great tool in our arsenal. When performing movements with a bar we often begin to favor one side of our bodies in every movement. This is something that is very hard to avoid and most of the time you don’t even realize it’s happening. Dumbbells ensure that each hand is lifting the same amount of weight helping you stay balanced and making sure your physic is symmetrical.